Excerto da instalação de video.

Exposição Maria de Sousa.

Fundação Champalimaud, Lisboa.



  • walter g.rudolph
    2017, 7:50 am  Reply

    dear suave Team,

    it was a pleasure to meet you in your sylish Office Building which was at it s time in the Forefront of architectural design.
    this is what brought us together or as you say you want to tell a Story in the field of interior design namely and starting
    with a proposal for the Basement 202/206 rua da monte estacao,porto and the Little not yet romantic garden.
    good luck walter

    • suave
      2017, 11:49 am

      Dear Walter,

      Thank you for your support! We are very excited and committed to bring your vision to life for the building and add our little Suave touch! The basement as a lot of potential, we just need to highlight its features. Let´s get to work!
      See you soon,

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